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Interview with the Ambassador of the Syrian Arab Republic in Ukraine Dr. Hasan Khaddour

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— Mr.Ambassador. First I would like to congratulate you and the Syrian people on the seventy first anniversary of independence from the French rule.

— Thank you very much for your sincere congratulations and I welcome you at the Syrian embassy once more and  on this occasion I would like to express my sincere wishes  to you, to the people of Ukraine and wish progress and  prosperity to this lovely country.

Mr.Ambassador. Did Syrian armed forces use chemical weapons in Idlib province on the first of April?

— Thank you very much. This is an important question due to the fact that the Western propaganda and the Western media have already launched a great campaign in order to show the world against the facts and against the reality. Let me explain to you what happened about what so-called «use of chemical weapons».

First of all, Syria is a member of the chemical weapon convention organization. So Syria has got rid  of all its chemical weapons under the supervision of  the United Nations and by the help of certain countries among  of which the  United States itself. So as a matter of principle Syria does not possess any chemical weapons.

So this was Western propaganda that the Syrian army used chemical weapons in Khan Sheikhun. It's important to clarify that on 4th of April around 6:00 in the morning certain TV channels, satellite channels, and certain Western media, Arabic and Western media, tried to transmit to the whole world that the Syrian army has used chemical weapons on the city of Khan Sheikhun, which is in the suburb of Idleb governorate. At a time the first air strike by the Syrian army on that town was around 11:00 -11:30 in the morning so this proves that the propaganda of that media, which are directed by certain powers and certain countries, focused, or actually they planned to launch this campaign to accuse Syria.

And as I said there was no Syrian air strike  on that area till 11:00 - 11:30. So they started this almost five hours before. So this propaganda actually proves  what I'm saying. So the first air strike was around noon or midday and there was no evidence at all that there were chemical weapons used in that air strike. Let me ask this question now, how can any country,  all over the world prove that chemical weapons were used or any other kinds of weapons without the investigation?

So those countries who accuse Syria of using the chemical weapons work as a judge for this case without any proof or evidence. This shows the background and the intention of those countries. Syria before that date, before 4th of April had  got information that the terrorists and the tettorist  groups had got chemical substances, if I'm not going to call it «chemical weapons», from Tyrkey. And we informed officially The Chemical Weapon Convention  Organization in the Hague about this.

But now no reaction or response came out from the Chemical Weapons Convention. This is a very important question mark – why? a country informs an international body, organization,  that there are chemical substances in the hands or in the possession of the terroristic groups, and no response no reaction.


Mr.Ambassador. What would you say. Is there an aim of inernational capital to destroy Syrian people  like  genocide?

— Well, let me say something as a background, might be useful for you question. What's happening in Syria is a war against terrorism. I understand that some countries wanted to describe it as a civil war for  political aims by those countries, of course.

— But I tell you what's happening in our country since 7 years, or we have already started the seventh year now. So there were terrorist organizations under the name or the umbrella, of what so-called «Arab Spring» claiming that they want freedoms and reformations and so on. And they invented this chaos in the country started with demonstrations. Actually the majority of those didn't know who went in the demonstrations, didn't know that they were running towards certain aim.

And we spoke about the chemical weapons and continued our topic


— Mr. Ambassador Recently a former general of the Syrian army, Zaher al Sakat , who served as head of chemical warfare in the 5th Army Division before defecting in 2013, claimed  that Syria had stocks of chemical weapons. Is it true? Can you comment on this allegation?

— Regardless of the name of this person or any other person, as I`ve already mentioned to you, that Syria joined The Chemical Weapon Convention and now Syria is free of all the chemical weapons. And those allegations, once you hear about them,  they aim to those who accuse Syria, they aim to create problems and escalations in the country. But I can assure you that Syria, also we sent this officially to the United Nations and the General Assembly, we informed them officially that we have got rid of all our chemical weapons and as I've also mentioned before that it was under the supervision of The Chemical Weapon Convention Organization, and the Americans destroyed those weapons on their ships in the sea.



— Mr.Ambassador. The organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons claims that all stocks of Chemical weapons were taken out of Syria. Do you think the missile attack to Syria was American provocation?

— Well, you know there's no link between this American aggression against a Al-Shuairat Airport.  And  maybe  countries were involved in this  missile attack, not only America?  

You know,  even regardless of the names of the countries, but the main aim of that American aggression or American missile strike, was to help the terrorists. I'd like to refer that in each time the Syrian army gets progress on the ground and defeats the terrorists, so the other countries gets the Americans, or the Israelis, or Turkey or others, they try to help the terrorist organizations who are their proxies, and are supported by those countries. 

So they try to help them, so they either launched an air raid here or as this American aggression over the Shuairat airport the pretext of  the the Syrian planes took that weapons they alleged, chemical weapon from this Airport


Mr. Ambassador from your point of view how many countries were involved in this aggressions against Syria?

— Nobody admits that he participated but we consider that those who support the terrorists in Syria are involved in this. Regardless of the names because you cannot say -  as they did not announce it by themselves. But whether  they announce or not, so we consider them that they are supporters of the terrorists and the terrorism in Syria. Those countries which  do not fight terrorism, they are supporting it.


Mr. Ambassador. Is it possible that the Turkish government was also ingaged in the missile attack on Syria?

— As I told you before that regardless of the names, I can say and I have already told you so, that the terrorists in Khan Sheikhun brought those chemical substances from Turkey. And  we have already informed The Chemical Weapon Convention  Organization about this. But no action was taken by this international organization or any other countries who consider themselves the protectors of peace in this world.


— Mr. Ambassador. I would like to ask you what role did Israel play in this political game ?

—Well, the role of Israel is scandalous. It's very blatant. Because Syria has a problem with Israel, has a conflict to the Golan Heights.

— It's not a matter of conflict. They are occupying  a piece of our territory the Golan. Yes, so if they consider themselves involved in the conflict. it's not this way actually. They are supporting terrorism. Look, it is seen on the internet, just open YouTube the websites, you see that Israel is treating and medicating the terrorists in its hospitals. They come and evacuate them from the occupied territories,near the occupied territories in the Golan and they treat  in Israeli  hospitals.  if those are considered terrorists. 

— How can you justify, evacuating them to the Israeli hospitals?  So it is  clear that Israel is helping terrorists. And each time Israel attacks our territories by that they intend to help and lighten the pressure over the terrorists in certain areas.


Mr. Ambassador. Let`s discuss the recent explosion, near to the Damascus Airport.According to the rumours  Israel participated in this attack.What is your opinion who is responsible for it?

— It was by Israel.  Yes. As I`ve already told you in the previous answer, that once  the terrorists are squeezed so others try to help them to find a solution or at least to give them a door to escape.


— I`d like to ask you - you know during the war a lot of churches were destroyed and I think it's very hard for Orthodox people be in Syria?

— I don't agree with you. It's not only the Orthodox  churches were targeted also  the Catholic Churches.The mosques, the hospitals, the universities, the schools, the power stations, gas stations, electricity stations -  all the Syrian infrastructure.  The Syrian people was targeted. So it wasn't, as I said, they did not target certain religious group or ethnic group. The main target  is Syria and the  Syrian people. So don't think that it is only against the Orthodox at all.  Christians  form the  main factor of the Syrian people. So they are equally footed with the other ethnic and the religious groups in Syria.


— Mr. Ambassador. You as a  diplomat is  aware about the situation in Venezuela. Moreover, the president of Syria has recently visited this country. Do these mass protests have something in common with the orange revolution? Who  rules all these processes and stands in the shadow?

— Well,  let me say something. I do not  prefer to colour what so-called revolutions «orange» or «blue» or as they said lately what happened in our region the «Arab Spring».  Well  those are only names given to attract the attention of the masses. Everybody knows that the leadership the current leadership in Venezuela and even  before during the time of the late President Chavez and the current president Maduro. They are working for their people. Their main interest is the Venezuelan people.

So historically the Latin America or the States of  Latin America were considered as the back garden of  the United States.  But those countries now have very patriotic leaderships, they are working for their peoples.  So they have the right to make the reformations  the way they like. They are free to have their own political system. It's not as obligatory dictated by the Americans or other countries.

— So, the Venezuelian people can decide their future, their political system, and the other countries should not interfere in such movements. The country, the people themselves can decide either by referendums or by elections or by the way they like. So this habit that once something happens in any country so there will be an external or a foreign interference. Why?  As if they are saying that you cannot decide you to your future, we are coming to decide on behalf of you. This is against the International Law. Right?


— Mr. Ambassador. No doubt that US accusation sounds absurd.

— Well, the United States considers itself  the  highest and  the most powerful power. They have their own policy whether we agree or do not agree with them. But each country can recognize the role of the United States in such events happening here and there .


To sum up our conversation I would like to express my gratitude for this  interview and once more to congratulate you and the Syrian people on the national Holiday.

Thank you very much again and I`d like to thank you and to congratulate you as you are interviewing  this time in English, although it's not your mother tongue neithr  mine. And I wish you  always the progress and I hope for our meeting the next time. thank you very much.

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